Everything You Need To Know About Care Home Food

An important factor in choosing the right care home for your loved one is what meals are going to be offered, are they going to be receiving the correct nutritional requirements and will they be able to accommodate individual feeding needs at mealtimes.

Hope Park House is well equipped to deal with individual feeding requirements and have an expert team of experienced cooks and support staff that ensure all of our day visitors and residents are being fed healthy, well balanced meals in a way that is suitable to them for eating.

Living in the heart of Perthshire, Hope Park is proud to offer a number of delicious options for our residents made with local ingredients wherever possible and prepared with dedication and attention.

Female Care Worker In Uniform Bringing Meal On Tray To Senior Man Sitting In Lounge At Home

Catering to Specific Needs

Hope Park understands that each individual is different and will have different preferences when it comes to their food, whether that be through choice or religious and cultural backgrounds. We always endeavour to do our best to always accommodate the needs of our residents by offering choices at mealtimes and a variety of drinks throughout the day.

Food Textures and Dietary Requirements

Our staff are highly trained in food preparation and hygiene, and safe feeding measures. We use the IDDSI texture guidance to ensure safe food consumption at mealtimes and prevent choking or difficulties swallowing. Our kitchen staff are also aware of all of our residents’ dietary requirements to ensure only suitable food options are served at mealtimes. Some of these dietary requirements could be allergies or intolerances, with others being more moral and religious choices such as a vegan diet, vegetarian diet and so on.

A visual chart describing the different textures included in the IDDSI Framework
Image provided by the IDDSI Website to illustrate the different food texture groups: https://iddsi.org/framework

Assisted Feeding

Our Care Assistants are also trained in feeding our residents if required and assisting at mealtimes. We ensure all of our residents are treated with the proper dignity and respect they deserve during mealtimes and follow all health and safety guidance before we begin assisting with feeding. This includes, as a minimum, washing hands, making sure the individual is in an appropriate seating position, feeding small mouthfuls at a time, alternating between liquids and solid foods, whilst maintaining patience throughout – meals will always be provided at the residents own pace.

We want mealtimes to be a part of the day that our residents enjoy, so we try and make each mealtime a calm and, of course, delicious experience!

The Food Safety Act 1990 and its Application in Care Home Food

Food hygiene and safety is paramount when working in a care home and preparing meals for vulnerable people, who can be more at risk of illness if proper precautions have not been followed.

The Food Safety Act 1990 focuses on the preparation, storage and service of food – and the Care Quality Commission requires that care homes ensure that the food and drink they provide is cared for in a way that meets the requirements of the Act. In particular, the Act outlines that organisations such as care homes should ensure that there is:

“Provision for securing the observance of hygienic conditions and practices in connection with the carrying out of commercial operations with respect to food or food sources.”

At Hope Park we follow strict hygiene procedures not only in the kitchens but throughout the home. Food storage is taken extremely seriously and proper preparation procedures are undertaken to avoid cross contamination that could affect those with dietary requirements.

What the Care Commission Says About our Food Options

As with all care homes, Hope Park House is regularly inspected by the Care Inspectorate, with one of the topics they cover being that of meal times. Our most recent report had this to say in regard to mealtimes at Hope Park House:

“People were treated with compassion, dignity and respect and staff interactions with those experiencing care were warm, friendly and kind. Meals were freshly cooked and nutritious, with individuals’ dietary needs and preferences catered for.”

Also mentioned was an appreciation for the home baking we provide in the afternoons to our residents and visitors, along with their cup of tea or coffee. This can include cakes, scones, traybakes and many other options, often using whatever fruit is currently in season.

home baking at hope park

What Types of Food do we Offer?

Our mealtimes offer a variety of choices to our residents for what they would like to eat each day, ensuring no two days are the same and that those in our residential care are still given the opportunity to make their own decisions when it comes to food, giving them a greater sense of independence.

Our menus are usually prepared on a 4-weekly rolling basis. The current menus at Hope Park are currently under review as we continue to evolve and ensure we are providing a large variety of options to our residents and ensuring they have the best in nutritional value and balance. We will update this article once our new menus are in place however for the meantime here are some examples of foods we could be offering inspired by the Care UK Sample Menus:


  • Cooked breakfast
  • Toast and preserves
  • Porridge
  • Yogurt and fresh local fruit
  • Fresh fruit juices, diluting juice, tea, coffee and water


  • Fish pie with seasonal vegetables
  • Vegetarian Pasta Bake with Broccoli and Cheese
  • Soup and sandwiches
  • Rice pudding with fresh fruit
  • Bread and butter pudding with custard or cream
  • Fresh fruit juices, diluting juice, tea, coffee and water

Evening Meal or Dinner

  • Cottage Pie with seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy
  • Egg and cheese omelettes with fresh seasonal vegetables
  • Sausage and onion casserole with mashed potatoes
  • Profiteroles in chocolate sauce
  • Hot chocolate or a cup of tea before bed

We also offer snacks throughout the day that could include home made baked goods, fresh fruit and yoghurts.

Nutritional Supplements

If your family member is currently being prescribed any supplements by their physician, these will continue to be provided within Hope Park. The need for these supplements whether increased or decreased may depend on the meals they are receiving in the Home, and their general wellbeing. Hope Park is fortunate to have an excellent relationship with our local professional multi-disciplinary practitioners, with whom we are in contact regularly to discuss our residents care plans and their ongoing nutritional needs.

Special Occasions

Everybody loves a birthday! At Hope Park we love nothing more than celebrating with our residents their special occasions and events. On birthdays we prepare a birthday cake to share with our residents where suitable, and do our best to offer safe alternatives to those with dietary requirements. We also enjoy baking for other special events throughout the year, including Christmas, Easter, and for whatever the occasion may be.

We also often have special events within the home, such as an afternoon tea, tea dances, bingo nights and more. These events are often accompanied by a small buffet that could include sandwiches, cakes and other finger foods for our residents and their guests to enjoy.

birthday cake

Taking the Stress out of Care Home Food

Our aim at Hope Park is to make mealtimes within the home feel as safe, relaxed and enjoyable as possible. We do this by offering a delicious selection of meals to choose from, a safe space to eat within, and supportive staff to assist with any needs or requirements that may arise.

If you have any questions about the food options at Hope Park House or would like to find out more about whether we can assist with dietary requirements, please get in touch on 01250 872349 or email us on care@hopeparkhouse.com